About Us

Welcome to CN Deals and Coupons, where the thrill of online coupons, discount codes, and budget-friendly shopping meets a passion for savings! I'm Carolyn Nichole, also known as CN Deals. With a lifelong love for shopping, I discovered my true passion lies in finding incredible deals.


My journey began in a family with limited financial resources. Thrift stores were our go-to, and those experiences taught me a valuable lesson: "It's not how much money you make, it's how you save it."


In my mid-20s, as a single mother of two beautiful children, I faced financial challenges. Enter couponing – a game-changer. Couponing transformed into a sport for me, complete with binders, dividers, and strategic planning. The thrill of saving money felt like winning an Olympic game!


Today, I'm happily remarried to my supportive husband, Chris, and our wonderful children CJ (17) and Charlie (15) share in the excitement of couponing. While we love nice things, I've learned that you can look like a million bucks while spending just one, thanks to our commitment to budget-friendly shopping!


Having personally experienced financial struggles within my own circle, I understand the burdens it carries. This drove me to establish CN Deals and Coupons. My mission is to assist you, whether for financial reasons or the sheer thrill of scoring a great online coupon or discount code.


Explore our platform, where passion for savings meets a commitment to helping you lead a financially savvy lifestyle. Join us on this exciting journey of budget-friendly shopping!