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31 May,2023 - 03:50 PM

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Amazon's Try Before You Buy: Shopping Magic Unleashed!

18 May,2023 - 08:52 PM

Amazon's Try Before You Buy: Shopping Magic Unleashed!

Hey there, shopaholics and deal hunters! Amazon offers many programs but there is one program that does not get the attention it deserves that I think ALL women need to know about! Their Try Before You Buy Program! I have been using this program for over a year now and if you order clothes or shoes for yourself or anyone, you need to know about this Hidden Gem of a program! 🛍️💫

  1. The Magnificent Six: Picture this: you can order up to six items at once! That's right, you've got the power to select a bunch of goodies and have them delivered to your doorstep. It's like having a personal shopping spree without leaving your couch. 

  2. It's a Love-Hate Relationship: Here's a love story for the ages: you won't be charged a single shiny penny unless you fall head over heels for your new purchase. Take your time to wine and dine your items for a full 7 days from the time the item arrives on your doorstep, and only if you're truly smitten, will Amazon take your payment dance. It's commitment without the stress!

  3. Return Policy Made Easy-Peasy: Life is too short for complicated returns. Amazon's got your back with hassle-free and free returns. Simply pack up the items you're not wild about and send them back using the provided return label. Voilà! No shipping costs, no return nightmares. Easy as pie!

I couldn't resist sharing my personal experience with Amazon's Try Before You Buy program. First off, let me just say, the discounts and promotions are the icing on the shopping cake. Even when an item is on sale and or has a digital coupon or promo code, you can still reap those benefits if you choose to keep the item! The sale pricing will still be honored!  

Now, here's a little heads-up: the Try Before You Buy magic doesn't work on items that are on a lightning deal. We can't have everything in life, right? But fear not, there are plenty of other sparkling gems to choose from.

One of my favorite features is the ability to order multiple sizes of the same item. Let's face it, sometimes our bodies or feet are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. With this program, you can make sure you find the perfect fit, without any fashion faux pas. It's like having your own personal fitting room right at home.

And let's not forget the best part: time! With a glorious 7-day trial period, you have ample opportunity to test-drive your purchases. It's like being on an extended vacation with your items, getting to know them better, and deciding if they're a perfect match. If not, no worries! Amazon won't charge you a cent unless you give them a nod of approval.

In conclusion, Amazon's Try Before You Buy program is a shopping paradise that grants you the power to order, test, and decide with zero pressure. This program has saved the day on many occasions when I was headed out of town for work, vacation or even just couldn't decide between several lounge sets! 😂

You can read more here on Amazon's Try Before You Buy Program! 


Discounted Amazon Prime Membership for Select Government Programs!

10 May,2023 - 02:30 AM

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, did you know that you may be overpaying for your membership? That's right! Many people don't realize that they may qualify for a discounted Prime membership.

If you are part of a government assistance program, you may be eligible for half-price Amazon Prime membership. This includes programs like:

  • SSI
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • DE
  • TANF
  • NSLP
  • WIC

By taking advantage of this discount membership, you can still enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime, including free two-day shipping, streaming of movies, TV shows, and music, and more, at a fraction of the cost.

Don't overpay! To see if you qualify for a discounted Amazon Prime membership, follow this link to check your eligibility. It's quick and easy, and could save you a lot of money in the long run.

See if you qualify here!



One Year Sam’s Club Members + $20 Credit!

27 April,2023 - 02:43 PM

For a limited time, you can score a One Year Sam's Club Membership for only $34.99! Plus, you are going to receive a FREE $20 Travel and Entertainment Credit! Even better, you are going to receive a complimentary membership card! That is like getting two memberships for just $17.49 each! 

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$12 AARP Membership + Freebie!

25 April,2023 - 11:26 PM

The 50 and up community has been gatekeeping on this AARP! AARP is NOT just for folks over 50! I just booked a resort for myself for next week and saved $100 on my stay just because I am an AARP Member! It's a great way to save on dining, travel, and services! And from trusted vendors such as AT&T, Walgreens and more! Even better, right now you can score an AARP Membership for ONLY $12! Plus, you are going to be able to gift another card! That is two memberships for only $12! To sweeten the deal even more, you can a choice between two freebies! A car trunk organizer or a 5 port charging hub! 

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